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KOOPCARE - Connect with trusted
parents for childcare

Connect with trusted
parents for childcare

Swap koopcare childcare services with other trusted
parents in a safe and social environment.

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koopcare childcare service

Big Savings, Endless Smiles.

  • In a time where childcare costs are sky-high, KoopCare childcare service stands out as a game-changer. Imagine slashing your childcare expenses by up to 80%. That’s not just a dream with KoopCare; it’s a reality. With average costs for toddlers reaching €1,200 monthly, KoopCare is a breath of fresh financial air for families all across Ireland.
  • Here’s the deal: instead of paying €15 per hour for a babysitter, KoopCare‘s innovative points-based system turns childminder into an affordable community exchange. For just the cost of your weekly coffee, you can secure reliable and safe care for your child, while connecting with supportive, like-minded parents.
  • With KoopCare childcare service it’s not just about savings; it’s about breaking free from financial strains and enjoying more smiles with your little ones. Join us today, and be part of a community that values affordability, trust, and flexibility. KoopCare: Where your babysitter budget brings more joy and less stress.

Safe and social environment for kids.

At KoopCare, we don’t just understand the importance of your child’s safety; we prioritise it with every fiber of our being. 🌟🏡 Imagine a community where every member is a parent like you, trusted, thoroughly vetted parents*, thoroughly verified, and deeply committed to the well-being of children. That’s the KoopCare childcare service  promise. We ensure that each member of our vibrant community is not just a parent but a guardian, sharing values and understanding the profound responsibility of babysitting for a child.

Our rigorous identity verification process means that when you choose KoopCare childcare service , you’re choosing peace of mind. You’re entrusting your child to someone who’s walked in your shoes, who knows the laughter and tears of parenting, and who appreciates the trust you place in them. 💕👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

But there’s more to KoopCare than just safety. It’s about nurturing the young minds in a warm, social environment. Here, your child will not just be ‘looked after’ but will thrive in a setting brimming with opportunities for socialisation, play, and learning. As they mingle with friends from diverse backgrounds, your child will forge lasting friendships, learn invaluable social skills, and engage in a plethora of fun, educational activities. 🤸‍♀️🎉

Each playdate is a step towards building their confidence, emotional intelligence, and overall happiness. KoopCare childcare service  isn’t just about watching over children; it’s about giving them a space to grow, explore, and create beautiful memories.

So, embrace the KoopCare way. Let’s give our children the secure, stimulating, and joyful environment they deserve. Welcome to a place where every child’s laughter is cherished, every milestone celebrated, and every day is an adventure in safe, loving hands. 💙🌱

KoopCare is a lifesaver! We save so much on childcare while our kids enjoy a safe, social environment with friends. The thorough verification process eases my mind, and I love being part of this incredible community!”

Niamh Mings

Build trusted connections.

KoopCare is more than just a place to find someone to watch your kids. It’s where you can meet other parents who really understand what being a parent is all about. 💕🤝 Think of it like making new friends in your neighbourhood, friends who you can trust to take care of your children just like you would.

Every time you use KoopCare for babysitter, you get to say how it went. This helps everyone feel sure that they can trust each other. It’s not just about watching each other’s kids; it’s about helping and supporting one another. 🌟👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Join KoopCare childcare service and start building your own group of trusted parent friends. It’s a great way to make sure your kids are safe and happy, and you might just make some new friends along the way! 🌱💙

“KoopCare is a game changer ! Building a trusted network with incredible parents has been amazing. The rating and review system for exchanges adds trust and transparency, making childcare a breeze. We love it!”


Teresa Milton

"As a single mom, KoopCare childcare service has transformed my life! I've connected with such wonderful, caring parents in our community, and our children have made new friends too. The peace of mind and the huge savings on childcare costs have been a blessing for our families. I'am so grateful to be part of this amazing community!"


Emma Vella


What is KoopCare?

KoopCare childcare service is an innovative childcare platform designed to connect like-minded parents for the purpose of exchanging childminder services. Our goal is to create a trusted community that offers parenting support, encourages connections, and provides a more personal and affordable childcare solution.

How does KoopCare work?

Once you sign up for KoopCare, you can offer and request childminding services from other parents within the community. You earn and spend points for these services, ensuring a fair and balanced exchange. Our user-friendly app makes it easy to find, connect, and coordinate babysitter with other nearby parents.

How much does it cost to join KoopCare childcare service?

KoopCare offers a variety of membership plans, including a free tier, making it accessible to all parents regardless of their budget. Paid membership options provide additional benefits such as higher points caps and bonus points upon registration.

Is KoopCare safe for my children?

KoopCare prioritizes the safety of children with several key measures:
Garda Vetting: KoopCare supports and assists parents to undergo Garda Vetting, offering an additional layer of trust and security to ensure a safe and trustworthy community.

Reviews and Ratings System: Parents can rate and review each other post-exchange, fostering a community where trust and accountability are key.

Meet and Greet System: This allows parents to meet and assess compatibility before engaging in childcare exchanges, building mutual trust and ensuring comfort for both children and parents.

By combining these features, KoopCare childcare service ensures a safe, flexible, and community-oriented environment for childcare exchanges.

When will KoopCare be available?

KoopCare App is currently in the development phase and will soon be launched in Ireland. Stay tuned for updates and be ready to join our revolutionary platform for childminding exchange and parenting support.

About Us

Our Story with KoopCare .

Welcome to KoopCare childcare service, a story that began with us, a couple from Dublin just like you, navigating the ups and downs of parenting. 💕

Our journey started in the everyday hustle of life, balancing work, home, and the precious moments with our kids. We knew the struggle of finding affordable, quality childcare all too well. Whether it was for those busy workdays or those rare nights out, the challenge was always the same. That’s when our little dream of KoopCare took root.

Picture this: a world where every parent is a friend, someone who understands the juggle of work and family life. That’s the heart of KoopCare. We’re not just another service; we’re a community born from our own experiences as working parents. 🌟👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


KoopCare became our labor of love, a place where connections are more than just practical; they’re heartfelt. It’s about those shared experiences at the park, the comforting chats over a cup of coffee, and watching our kids make friends, just like we do. Every new parent who joins us isn’t just a member; they’re a new chapter in our ever-growing family story.

We, are thrilled about every new face in our KoopCare family. Each one of you adds a sprinkle of joy and a dash of magic to this beautiful community we’re building. Together, we’re creating more than just a network for childcare; we’re weaving a tapestry of support, love, and trust. 🌱💙

So come, be a part of our story, where childcare is not just about convenience but also about creating lasting memories and building a supportive village, one family at a time. Let’s make the journey of parenting a shared adventure, filled with love, laughter, and the warmth of a community. Welcome to KoopCare! 🎈🌟

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Membership That Moves with Your Family's Rhythm .

Join the Neighborhood Childcare Exchange – Download and Explore

Join KoopCare today and start swapping childcare services with trusted parents in your community.

Join KoopCare today and start swapping childcare services with trusted parents in your community.

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