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koopcare childcare service

1. Disclaimer


The terms and conditions of childcare services,

Please note that Koopcare is not a childcare service provider; we facilitate connections between parents or guardians. While ensuring a secure platform, we do not directly oversee childcare services. Responsibility for childcare rests with parents or guardians using our platform.

Koopcare serves as a technology platform to aid childcare exchanges. However, we do not control individual user actions. We urge parents to conduct due diligence when selecting providers and to communicate openly for clear expectations.

Furthermore, we advise maintaining open communication with other parents through our messaging system. Childcare arrangements made through our platform are solely the responsibility of participating parents. Koopcare disclaims liability for service quality, safety, or outcomes.

2. General Data Protection Regulation

At Koopcare, we adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to safeguard user privacy and personal data. This policy explains how we collect, process, store, and protect personal data within our childcare exchange service application. Additionally, it outlines users’ rights and choices regarding their information.

2.1. Data Collection and Processing

To facilitate the arrangement and coordination of childcare services among users, we collect and process personal data. This may include names, contact information, location details, and other necessary information provided during the registration and account creation process. We ensure that the data we collect is relevant, limited to what is necessary for the childcare exchange service, and used solely for that purpose.

2.2. Data Usage and Retention

Personal data enables effective communication, scheduling, and tracking of childcare services within the Koopcare application. We retain personal data only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which we collected it or as required by applicable laws and regulations. Once we no longer need the data, we securely delete or anonymize it.

2.3. Data Security

We implement robust technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction.
Our systems and processes undergo regular security assessments and updates to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of personal data within the Koopcare application.

2.4. Data Sharing

We do not sell or share personal data with third parties for marketing purposes. Personal data may be shared with trusted service providers or partners who assist in providing the Koopcare childcare exchange service. However, such sharing is limited to what is necessary to fulfill their specific roles and responsibilities. Additionally, we may disclose personal data if required by law or legal process, such as to comply with a legal obligation, respond to a valid legal request, or protect the rights, property, or safety of Koopcare, its users, or the public. This includes sharing data with legal authorities such as Gardai or court officials when necessary.

2.5. User Rights and Choices

Users have the right to access, correct, and delete their personal data stored within the Koopcare application. They can exercise these rights and make choices regarding their personal data by accessing the relevant features and settings available within the Koopcare application.therefore We regularly review and update our GDPR policy to ensure ongoing compliance with data protection regulations. We communicate any changes to this policy to users through appropriate channels.


2.6. Collection and Usage of Cardholder Data

Cardholder data, including credit card numbers, expiration dates, and CVV codes, is collected solely for the purpose of processing payments for childcare services.We collect cardholder data securely through our application using industry-standard encryption protocols.

2.7. Encryption and Secure Transmission

We utilise strong encryption technologies to protect the transmission of cardholder data between our application and our secure payment processing infrastructure.All communication related to cardholder data transmission is encrypted using industry-standard protocols.

2.8. Storage and Retention

We do not store complete cardholder data within our systems or databases.Cardholder data is securely transmitted to our payment processing partner for immediate and secure payment processing.We adhere to strict data retention policies, ensuring that cardholder data is retained only for as long as necessary to complete the payment transaction. Once the transaction is completed, cardholder data is securely discarded.

2.10. Security Measures

We implement robust security measures to protect cardholder data from unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.Access to cardholder data is restricted to authorised personnel who require it for payment processing purposes only.We regularly monitor and update our security practices to ensure the ongoing protection of cardholder data.

2.11. Compliance with Applicable Regulations

We adhere to industry best practices and applicable data protection regulations to ensure the security and confidentiality of cardholder data.We continuously assess and review our processes to remain in compliance with relevant data protection standards.

2.12. Third-Party Access

We do not sell, rent, or share cardholder data with third parties for any purpose other than processing payments.We only share cardholder data with trusted payment processing partners who adhere to strict security standards and requirements.Our partners are contractually bound to handle cardholder data securely and in compliance with applicable regulations.

2.13. Private Message Investigation Policy

At Koopcare, we strive to maintain a safe and trustworthy community for all our users. In cases where conflicts or disputes arise between users regarding the quality of care or other matters, we may need to investigate private messages exchanged within the Koopcare application. This policy outlines our approach to private message investigations and the user’s consent to enable such investigations.

2.14. Purpose of Private Message Investigations

Private message investigations are conducted with the primary goal of resolving conflicts, ensuring compliance with our community guidelines, and upholding the integrity of our childcare exchange program.Investigations may involve reviewing relevant private messages exchanged between users to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation and to reach a fair resolution.

2.15. User Consent

By using the Koopcare application and engaging in private messaging, you acknowledge and consent to our right to investigate private messages under certain circumstances, as outlined in this policy.Your consent is essential to enable us to conduct effective investigations and address conflicts appropriately.

2.16. Investigation Process

Private message investigations will be initiated when there are credible complaints or concerns raised by users regarding the quality of care, potential policy violations, or other conflicts.Our dedicated support team will handle the investigation process in a fair and impartial manner.During an investigation, private messages relevant to the conflict may be accessed, reviewed, and considered in order to gather relevant information and reach a resolution.

2.17. Confidentiality and Data Protection

We prioritise the privacy and confidentiality of users’ personal information.Access to private messages will be limited to authorised personnel directly involved in the investigation process.All information obtained during the investigation will be treated as confidential and handled in accordance with applicable data protection laws and our privacy policy.

2.18. Limited Use of Private Messages

Private messages accessed during an investigation will be used solely for the purpose of resolving the specific conflict or dispute at hand.Private messages will not be used for any unrelated purposes or shared with third parties unless required by law or to enforce our policies.

2.19. User Notification

When an investigation involving private messages is initiated, the users involved will be notified of the investigation and its purpose, unless doing so would compromise the investigation or violate legal requirements.

By continuing to use the Koopcare application and engaging in private messaging, you acknowledge and agree to this Private Message Investigation Policy. Your consent to this policy enables us to conduct necessary investigations to maintain a safe and reliable childcare exchange community.

App Launching Soon!

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